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Orlife Global is a leading company in the essential oil, hydrosol and fixed oil sector with its high quality and rich product variety, operating in the field of domestic and overseas trade. Our company has determined the principle of “Quality First” at the beginning of its journey and offers its customers 100% pure and natural essential oils, hydrosols and fixed oils.

For Orlife Global, quality is the basic necessity in every stage of our supply chain. For this reason, our product portfolio includes only the products whose quality is guaranteed. Every product is procured directly from the producers, not from intermediary companies and quality control analyzes are carried out in the accredited laboratories.


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GC-MS analyzes are performed to ensure the purity of all essential and fixed oils in our product range. In this process, the quality is determined by getting technical support from experts and making use of the latest scientific guidelines.


Orlife Global supplies its products directly from the first producer, not from intermediary companies. In this way, we can be sure of every stage of the production process, from the way the plants are grown, harvest, transfers, storage conditions and environmental awareness.


Essential and fixed oils are pure plant products taken from flowers, grasses, fruits, roots, trees, and leaves. By guaranteeing their purity and naturality, Orlife Global ensures characteristic smell, aroma and effect of its essential and fixed oils.


Essential and fixed oils are nature's gift to humans. For this reason, we work with companies that respect environment, adopt sustainable cultivation, ethical harvesting and trade principles. As we protect the purity of our products, we also ensure the absolute protection of the plant from which it is obtained.


As Orlife Global, we offer our customers the highest quality and diverse product range. We can make tailor-made high-quality products to meet the demands of our customers. We have a strong relationship with our customers and we continue to move forward with the feedback we receive, to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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Orlife Global also organizes training courses and workshops together with the experts in natural product sector. In this way, Orlife Global strengthens the public awareness regarding the correct use of essential oils and secures constant feedback from the consumers.

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